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Rampant Games - How CRPGs Warped My Brain #2

by Dhruin, 2010-04-15 21:31:13

Jay Barnson continues looking back at CRPGs that have shaped his view of the genre:

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar – This one had everything the Ultima III had, and more. And better. And exceeded. It was a far more satisfying experience that Ultima III. But my mind had already been blown by its predecessor, so my expectations were already high, and I guess I was somewhat inoculated against  the full brunt of its awesomeness.  But besides reinforcing my experiences with the third game, Ultima IV taught me that conversations with NPCs could be an interesting part of an RPG; that progressing through the game by maxing out virtues could be almost as fun as kicking butt; and that a non-combat conclusion could be just as satisfying as offing a Foozle.

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