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Din's Curse - Reviews @ Co-optimus & Gametactics

by Dhruin, 2010-04-22 20:40:40

Soldak points out a couple of Din's Curse reviews we haven't covered so far.  First, co-op site Co-optimus scores 4/5:

The co-op play works exactly as you would expect. Invite as many friends as you want to your game and go slaughter some kobolds. Reread that last sentence. There's no hard-limit to number of players in a co-op session. Players can initiate trades or revert the time-honored tradition of littering the town square with all the loot they don't want. The choice is yours! All quests and experience points are shared by the players, so if someone decides to head back to town, they can take care of turning in quests for the rest of their friends.

Players can connect to each other in a variety of ways: via broadcasting a server over the internet, over a LAN or even good old direct IP connection. Oddly enough, in a reversal of fortune for the Co-Optimus editors, we had no trouble connecting to each other. Bonus points for stable netcode!

Gametactics awards a score of 7/10:

Quests in Din’s Curse range from typical fetch and kill quests to escort and delivery quests. A big thing in this game is that failing quests is a common occurrence and sometimes is very unfair. There have been times where I get a quest and I’ll enter the dungeon and less than a minute later I’d fail and there was no way I could travel down 2 levels in that time. Failing a quest isn’t the end of the world though, you can still save a town even if you fail half the quests which is a good thing. Sometimes even failing a quest doesn’t mean it’s over, if it’s a quest where you were supposed to interact with a NPC and he/she gets killed by a monster you can get a quest from their ghost to get revenge and kill the monster that killed them. NPCs that a player is supposed to meet in a quest can even turn on the player and try to kill them. Each quest completed gives the player more reputation and once it gets high enough then Din will lift the curse from the player. This game is one of the games that can almost never end and the player can keep going and leveling up their character or choose to start a new one.

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