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The Witcher 2 - Articles @ PC Games Hardware, Witcher Vault

by Dhruin, 2010-04-26 21:12:48

Here are two new Witcher 2 articles, pointed out by Omega.  The first is a technical discussion at PC Games Hardware with Tomek Gop:

PCGH: Is the second part of The Witcher based on the same technology as the first part or do you reprogram or modify the engine or even write a new base technology from scratch?

Tomek Gop: We definitely started from scratch. It was one of the first things our programmers sat to, right after releasing The Witcher. Our engine has been rewritten mostly due to specific, RPG related tool requirements that we've had. Of course there are things that inspired us from Aurora; ideas, solution approaches, but still - all of the code was written by us (excluding few middleware applications).

PCGH: Do you develop The Witcher 2 as a cross platform product or will it be a PC only title?

Tomek Gop: Right now we're making a PC version of the game. The main concern we've taken was to make sure our engine would be capable of doing a console game as well. It is, that's why we will get down to making The Witcher 2 for consoles - and of course announce it as soon as it starts.

...and IGN's Witcher Vault has a summary from Polish magazine, CD-Action, which contains some good info.  A sample:

The world in the Witcher 2 is very large, but much denser than in first part (no more endless running to and fro). Three kingdoms - Temeria, Aedirn and Kaedwen will be explored, with additional parts like Pontar (what we've seen in all game media so far) and Dol Blathanna (The Valley of Flowers, epic location from the original lore) further increasing the range of Geralt's travels.

From the faction perspective, there're 4 distinct parties we can help or anger - Scoia'tael (the Squirrels, non-human guerilla known from Witcher 1), Villagers, Merchants and Non-humans (dwarves and elves living peacefully among humans). The web of intersecting interests is further complicated here as the Nobles and Kings have their own interests and motivations, sometimes quite different from what their vassals and nations would want. All NPCs in the second game have their unique features - no more clones. In addition to factions and unique looks, each NPC has a specific behaviour - daily schedule known from many other RPGs.

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