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Alpha Protocol - Preview, Pre-Order Bonuses

by Dhruin, 2010-04-28 22:11:52

Here's a trio of Alpha Protocol items.  The first is a preview at NowGamer, where they spent four hours with the game at a preview event. This is one of the better articles and is quite positive, although beware of light spoilers because of the typical walkthrough description.  A bit on combat:

Using the stealth class, we clung to the shadows, picking people off with a silenced pistol. Alpha Protocol wants you to play to your strengths, and even with an assault rifle for back up should things go loud, it’s quite difficult, at least initially, to go in all guns blazing. The targeting system belies the game’s RPG roots, meaning that the reticule must be placed over the enemy, and, dictated by your skill with respective weapons, the reticule will take a certain amount of time to zero in on your target.

In theory it sounds like a royal pain, but in practice it’s nowhere near as intrusive or staid as the mechanic suggests; in fact, it’s a fantastic method to keep in character and actually use your abilities. Stealth players should be lining up unseen critical headshots anyway, and soldier classes will also level up quickly to facilitate smoother combat. Despite the RPG underpinnings, Alpha Protocol’s combat never really feels anything other than fast-paced and compelling.

Omega points out the pre-order bonuses for NA and Steam and the Sega blog is promoting a free-stuff-Friday giveaway that includes an Alpha Protocol flak jacket.  Follow the link for details, including a promo video clip.

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