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Two Worlds II - Preview Summary

by Dhruin, 2010-05-01 01:36:27

Polish site Swiatgry.pl apparently has an extensive preview of Two Worlds II, based on what they saw from the CD Projekt Spring Conference. For those of us with rusty Polish, Two Worlds Vault has a bullet-point summary; here's an example:

# Editors confirmed the following mini-games in TWII: lockpicking, alchemy (basics stay the same as in TWI), playing the instruments (Guitar Hero-like, apparently) and games of hazard.  [Two Worlds Vault: likely darts mentioned before].

# Editors also confirmed the following special combat skills (known from TWI): disarming, dirty trick, pull shield and several others.

# Bullet-time mode SFX start if an effective counterattack kills the opponent. The finishing and critical hits also somehow factor into this. Counterattacking is done by timing an outgoing attack right after manually blocking an incoming attack.

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