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Two Worlds II - Interview @ PS3Life

by Dhruin, 2010-05-03 11:22:37

Reality Pump's Mirek Dymek chats with PS3Life about Two Worlds II. The questions centre around the PS3 and multiplayer but here's a snip on the size of the gameworld:

The Two Worlds II map spans an amazing 60 km2, we're not fans of comparing but Oblivion had 41 km2 and already required a lot of travelling with interesting areas sometimes few and far between. How do you keep the players from becoming tired of traveling large distances?
Mirek Dymek: We have two methods of avoiding this - as well as the standard walking/running, players can ride, sail and teleport. Riding and sailing are much faster than walking or swimming - players will be able to see the environment they're travelling in - and actually enjoy their journeys. Well thought-out teleportation is especially important in our huge world. Thanks to fixed-location portals and mobile teleport stones, the player has a very sophisticated "travel network" at his disposal to get from A to B. And we've also implemented literally hundreds of side quests into the game - and these will guarantee that boredom remains an unknown word in Antaloor - even if a quest takes a player all over the vast continent!

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