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Two Worlds II - Interview @ TW Vault

by Dhruin, 2010-05-05 21:01:11

Two Worlds Vault caught up with Jake DiGennaro and Devon Smith from Topware US to talk about characters and quests in Two Worlds II:

TWVault: Recent interview with Devon in Destructoid  touches briefly on some of the issues with quest lines, and general mood of the story. Do you plan on making the story a bit more like e.g. the Witcher or Mass Effect - in that it'll involve true moral choices, shying away from typical distinction between who's good and who's evil, providing a rudimentary motivation to even the seemingly most corrupt characters...

Devon: I have a saying that's probably ringing in our writer's ears by now: "No good, no evil -- just people". Everyone is motivated by something. Sometimes it's as simple as money -- but power is never simple. There's a reason people seek something out like that.

So, while you won't get a flashback to the childhood of every person you meet -- it's important that even our smallest roles hint that they have goals and even needs outside of the few minutes they spend with our hero.

As far as the ways the player's morality will affect our hero? It's not so much about collecting good or evil points so much as eliciting interesting reactions. We try to make sure our Hero's reactions reflect those that the player might have themselves. It's a subtle system that isn't designed to punish anyone -- but pose the question as to whether or not you are much different than the man you set out to destroy by the time you reach his doorstep.

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