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Frayed Knights - More Frayed Knightses

by Dhruin, 2010-05-10 20:49:24

The latest Frayed Knights update from late last week brings interesting news.  Apparently the game has ended up some five or so times bigger than originally planned, so it will be split into three, cheaper, separate games.  Here's the intro and head over for the full explanation:

Well, it’s been a learning experience, alright. I’ve learned I suck as a project manager. So here are some things that happened to greatly expand the scope of this “little” indie project:

One: I over-estimated how much time it would take for a player to complete the pilot, and under-estimated the amount of time that could be spent in the rest of the game (at least, so it seems right now).

Two: I panicked a little bit when I found out that I had under-estimated the length of the pilot, based on the feedback I received.  This made me concerned that the game was too short. Short is not bad, but too short is not cool. So I deliberately added some more to the game than I’d originally intended.

Three: Feature and content creep happened. As it often does.

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