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Din's Curse - Review @ Fidgit

by Dhruin, 2010-05-25 22:11:24

Tom Chick has reviewed Din's Curse at his Fidgit blog in a highly positive article:

The artwork in Din's Curse, like the previous Soldak games, has that rough-hewn quality of an indie title getting by on the essentials, but it works well enough to let the gameplay get its hooks into you. This game isn't as simple as Kivi's Underworld, but it lacks Depth of Peril's the strategic layer of battling clans raiding each other's clubhouses. Which seems a pity, really. That mechanic gave Depths of Peril its own sense of character, adding competition and urgency to the normally laidback pursuit of hacking-and-slashing through dungeons at your leisure.

But as you play Din's Curse, which moves you from town to town, each with a randomly generated dungeon tucked undernearth, you'll discover that Soldak has taken that competition and urgency and buried it in the dungeons. As with any good action RPG, you push deeper and deeper into these dungeons. But these dungeons push back.

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