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Frayed Knights - Faking It

by Dhruin, 2010-05-26 22:02:02

A bit of a general update from Jay Barnson on Frayed Knights, talking about their development approach and how they can be creative within their resource restraints:

Speaking of design documents: when it comes to designing the gameplay – scripting up the environments -  I typically approach things kind of “bass-ackwards” from how they are supposed to be done. I’ve found that much of the initial plan changes (yes, even in “mainstream” game studios) between design and production, and many of the best ideas happen when things are into production. And a lot of other ideas that I thought were great turn out to be… well, not so hot. So I tend to put less detail into the initial environment design – really more of an outline of major encounters, theming, and general gameflow – and I do more of the “fleshing out” of the world and encounters later in the process. This works fine as a lone-wolf developer, but can cause problems working with even a small team. We’re still evolving the process.  But for me, working with a more fully realized 3D environment really helps make ideas flow.

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