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RPGWatch Feature - Alpha Protocol Impressions

by Dhruin, 2010-05-31 10:44:30

After a dozen hours play, we've got some early impressions of Obsidian's Alpha Protocol.  Here's a sample:

I found a stealth character (or at least, a cautious character that doesn't rush in) to be rewarding.  Using cover (which could be better), watching guard movements and carefully choosing the best route meshes with the slow aiming for critical shots and using different abilities.  While I enjoyed the stealth play, it could be better.  The level design could offer more choices and there's no real use of light and shadow; anyone expecting something like Thief or Splinter Cell will be disappointed.  Because stealth is more about watching guards and hiding behind objects than melding with the shadows, the advanced stealth skills are underwhelming.  Shadow Operative, for example, simply makes you invisible for a limited period.  It works well enough but breaks the suspension of a real world setting to simply press a button and walk past guards unseen.  In practice, it's probably not that different to other stealth games but it does stand out in the supposedly realistic setting.

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