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Rampant Games - Why Are RPGs So Hard to Create?

by Dhruin, 2010-06-01 20:52:07

I think the answer is fairly obvious but the Rampant Coyote expands on the difficulties in developing RPGs over other genres.  The first reason:

Content Consumption – RPGs are traditionally exploration-based and very content-intensive.  The player is always pushing forward to see something new. In addition, older content – enemies, items, etc – quickly becomes obsolete. While there are still many opportunities for repetition of content as found in other genres (combat, usually the core mechanic, offering the most opportunities for repetition – but too much of that and players resent the “grinding”), it’s nothing like, say, an old-school fighting game where you are just changing the backgrounds from level to level. Players want a constant flow of upgrades to their equipment, lots of opportunities to customize their characters, and a constant opening of new areas to explore.

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