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Two Worlds II - Interview @ RPG ITalia

by Dhruin, 2010-06-03 22:42:47

Spotted this interview on the official forums, with RPG Italia interviewing Reality Pump's Jorg Schindler.  The conversation was originally in English and has been translated to Italian.  A sample:

RPG Italia: Can you have a house or a wife (Something like in Fable)?
Jörg Schindler: You will be able to buy a house or get one during a quest. Moreover there will be some emotional relationships between the hero and a number of women in the game. Some will be more platonically and some less…

RPG Italia: How in-depth will the character interaction be? Like will the player be to choose who they want to be friends and enemies with, and will they help and hinder in the future?
Jörg Schindler: Actions of the player will influence the gameplay. For example if the player decides to pay a “toll” to one of the rogues in a city to keep it from being interfered with,the guy will insult the player during the next meetings and demanding even more money. If the player fights the guy right from the beginning and wins, this will dispose of the rogue right away. Moreover there are much more emotional contacts to a lot of NPCs which not only appear once but a few times in the game. Depending on the former behavior these NPCs will determine If they are friendly or not.

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