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DS 2: Broken World - Reviews @ GameDaily, CG Online

by Dhruin, 2006-08-16 00:50:00
GameDaily offers up a <a href="http://pc.gamedaily.com/game/review/?gameid=5081&page=2" target="_blank">review</a> of DS2: Broken World with a score of 3/5, joining others in criticising the weak campaign:<blockquote><em>Broken World is the expansion to last year's party-based RPG, Dungeon Siege II. While the expansion improves gameplay in a number of important ways, including the inclusion of two new cross-classes, the actual campaign and story leave much to be desired. Players who have never played DS2 before benefit the most, because they can take advantage of all the expansion's gameplay benefits in the first campaign. However, there isn't much to compel veteran players to replay the whole thing. Broken World's campaign is disappointingly short in comparison to the main game, and the Aranna doesn't seem as big. However, if your primary concern is gameplay and multiplayer, and you don't care so much about the story, then this expansion is worth it. In any case, this story probably could have gone untold, which makes for a disappointing conclusion when DS2 comes to an end.</em></blockquote>...and Computer Games Online <a href="http://www.cgonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=846&Itemid=1&sectName=PC" target="_blank">joins in</a> with the same score and similar comments:<blockquote><em>Dungeon Siege II: Broken World is a hard game to recommend, even as a mere expansion pack. There is barely enough new content here to justify the price, especially considering that that content isna "!t that creative and really doesna "!t add enough to the game. It feels like a huge chunk of it is missing and that there just wasna "!t as much care and thought to the development. Fans of the series will want to pick it up, but the more casual should steer clear.</em></blockquote>

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