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DraSa: Phileasson's Secret - Interview with Bigpoint@Gamestar

by Garrett, 2010-06-07 15:00:32

German printmag Gamestar has posted a short interview with Jan Wergin from Bigpoint, the company that acquired Radon Labs last week. The interview is in German language of course, but key information is:

a) Bigpoint obviously acquired Philleassons Secret also, which will be completed, but the marketing channel has yet to be decided (i.e. download or boxed)

b) Bigpoint still wants to focus on browser games in the future

c) They want to make Drakensang 3, but it may be happening without the TDE License - yet to be decided

d) Answering the question about what Radon Labs should do for Bigpoint in the future, they say 'yet to be decided'

e) They will announce more about DS3 next week

So everything is possible, it seems...

Source: Gamestar

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