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Two Worlds II - Antaloor Post #21

by Dhruin, 2010-06-09 22:16:27

The latest Antaloor Post is out for Two Worlds II (direct link, courtesy of Inside Two Worlds), covering casting time and cooldown timers for magic, the savannah wildlife, a location called The Swallows and a brief interview with Mirek Dymek:

AP:  How  is  the  progress  on  the  epic  RPG"Two worlds II" coming along?

Mirek: Excellently! We are right on target, and currently focused on balancing a number of features and of course fine tuning the various aspects of the game. First up on the list finalizing the intuitive game controls, and ensuring the structured and organized design of all game menus. We have recently made significant alterations to the interface of  the  CRAFT  Tool  feature,  which  helps players more readily identify the numerous actions  possible  with  regards  to  a  single piece of equipment.  Whether destroying, upgrading, or re-colouring - all options and item requirements, such as colour dye pots for painting equipment or materials for up-grading,  are  shown  in  the  very  detailed item description.

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