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Alpha Protocol - Review, Database @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2010-06-11 22:45:36

We're overdue rounding up another batch of Alpha Protocol reviews but our friends at GameBanshee have posted a piece written by Brother None, as well as getting their database online, so we'll post about it.  Brother None lambasts the bugs and weak gameplay elements but ultimately concludes this "was one of the more satisfying RPG experiences I've had in years".  This isn't the most informative quote but I was fascinated to see little details that went over my head:

I don't know each of these places as well as the next, never having been to Taipei or Saudi Arabia, but their interpretation of Rome looked accurate, while their interpretation of Moscow – to me – showed a great attention to detail needed to make the game world breathe. This starts at getting the look of the city right, but where it shines is when they start doing “fanservice” of sorts for Russians and those who know Russia somewhat, from the appearance of Nikolai Valuev in the form of Championchick, to little jokes like the name of Lazlo's yacht: originally named победа, meaning victory, the п and о fell off so it now reads беда, meaning trouble or misfortune.

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