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Two Worlds II - Playable at E3

by Dhruin, 2010-06-11 23:06:43

Inside Two Worlds let us know Southpeak will have Two Worlds II on display and playable at E3:

+++ Very first time players will be offered to play the RPG +++

TopWare Interactive is pleased to announce that for...the very first time players will be offered the chance to take control of Antaloor's greatest hero and begin exploring the vast countryside of Two Worlds II.

Partnered with SouthPeak Games for the duration of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, visitors will be granted access to a number of environments within the single player campaign, and have the opportunity to get their first glimpse at the mechanics behind the riveting multiplayer components. As if this wasn't enough, TopWare will also be
showing for the first time worldwide the highly anticipated Battle vs Chess, the first true action chess game!

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