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Two Worlds II - Pre-E3 Interview @ Two Worlds Vault

by Dhruin, 2010-06-13 22:41:22

Two Worlds Vault sent in this pre-E3 interview with Topware's Jake DiGennaro:

TWVault: Yay, can't wait! But speaking of E3 TWII presentation, what does TWII have that no other RPG or free-roamer shown at E3 can boast?

Jake: I think Reality Pump has done an amazing job brainstorming and developing new approaches to classic RPG mechanics. While the card-based magic system is always the easiest feature to point to as it takes spellcasting in a very unique direction, features such as the crafting system, character advancement system, and alchemy systems are all designed in a way that affords players a scale of customization that is fairly uncommon in games within the genre. Also we have the Oculus, and who doesn't like the idea of cruising around the world as a floating eyeball that can explode!

Thanks also to Omega.

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