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Din's Curse - Review @ Computergames.ro

by Dhruin, 2010-06-15 22:37:30

Din's Curse has been reviewed over at Computergames.ro for a score of 80%:

The word „random” defines this game: all kind of loot showers on the player, the cities are randomly generated, so are the underground levels, with the number of caverns usually varying between nine, 11 or 13, depending on your luck. You get the main quests from Din and three other NPCs who’s survival is crucial to saving the town. From this point of view, a big plus (or a big pain in the butt, depends on taste) is the dynamic world. Because the events in Aleria don’t stop just because you went to town to sell stuff or refill your stock of life potions.

On the contrary, you can fail a mission in level 5 because you never got to save a NPC, while at level 8 there’s a rebellion going on. Or the opposite, you are cleaning up level 3 and suddenly realize that the town is under attack by Bloodsavage level 10 and you have to go back quickly, otherwise everything is lost. Also, different NPCs come and go into town, so you might stumble upon a vendor in some underground corner. Various missions can come along without actually accepting them, like saving an NPC from a horde of zombies or killing an unexpected boss. Since the maximum number of quests that you can undertake simultaneously is only six, this approach helps a lot with the flow of the gameplay and to gain more reputation.

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