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RPGWatch Feature - Eschalon: Book II Review

by Dhruin, 2010-06-16 08:28:03

Corwin explores Basilisk's second game in the Eschalon series.  The first was an indie hit and expectations for Book II were high - here's a sample of Corwin's view:

One of the key elements for an rpg is exploration and there’s plenty of that here. The game is, in many ways, huge. I’m a completist and my playtime was 69.1 hours according to the game itself. Much of that was spent exploring and of course, fighting my way through hoards of monsters. One key point here; your in game mini-map will only work if you have at least one skill point invested in Cartography. This is sufficient for the early stages but either find/buy an amulet of Cartography, or increase your skill level to three as soon as you can: it really helps make the map more readable. You will discover several towns, forests, grasslands, icy wastes and lava flows in your travels, but several quick travel locations do make this less of a chore once you discover them. The walking speed has been increased from Book I, but many people still complain it is too slow. It didn’t bother me, but then I’m a slow player.

Read it all here.

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