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Cyclopean - Art and Update

by Dhruin, 2010-06-16 21:30:19

Scott has posted some new Cyclopean interiors to the official forum and we'll print the accompanying blurb as a development update.  Here we go:

Here's some geometry I've been working on that may interest a few fans out there in the fathomless void.

I hear some of you* asking Why are there no furnishings?  I'm concentrating on base areas right now, Downtown Arkham exteriors, and interior floorplans.  I figure if I get someone to help out with 3D models one day, he will most likely be working on props as my interiors follow a very strict protocol in regarding to sizing.  I also have my own texture-mapping system which some have called insane...  Some doors are missing as well-- they are separate props.  One other thing:  before final export I intend to warp a few roofs and skew the buildings slightly out of true, but light cosmetic touches like that are best saved until you absolutely know no further editing is needed.

I've been writing as well, mostly fleshing out the big plotlines and breaking them down into the step-by-step progression that will ultimately be required for them to be scripted.

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