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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - E3 Preview @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2010-06-16 21:37:58

GameSpot has kicked up some Deus Ex: HR impressions from E3, in the form of a walkthrough of the demo:

The second half of the demo focused on pure action. In it, Adam makes his way around a dock cluttered with shipping crates, slipping from cover spot to cover spot to avoid detection. This is where augmentations come in handy. For example, because the player has given Adam the strength augmentation, he is able to move some heavy boxes out of the way and reveal a path that would have otherwise been unavailable. Once through this opening, Adam plunges a sharp weapon through a guard's midsection in another disgusting-looking takedown move. According to DeMarle, takedowns are always contextual and not scripted, so the takedown you perform conforms to the circumstance.

This is also an opportunity to post some DX:HR stuff Omega sent in a couple of days ago.  First, there's some politcal commentary built into the game with a screenshot showing a "Wanted" poster for George Bush, accused of mass murder.  Second, PC Gamer has a quote on Deus Ex: Invisible War being too futuristic to resonate:

“It was more futuristic and less grounded in a reality that we can relate to. I’m not talking about universal ammo – that’s a whole different debate – it’s more about the broader appeal. In the first Deus Ex you have an identity already clear in your head. You’re a super-soldier, you work for UNATCO, a branch of the UN. It’s the near future, and you immediately see the Statue of Liberty with its head on the ground. There’s something strong that you can relate to, that Invisible War lacked.”

“We don’t have universal ammo,” Dugas laughs.

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