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Dark Messiah: Community Q&A #3 @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2006-08-16 01:38:00
The third week's Community Q&A on Dark Messiah at the Might & Magic portal asks about modding/extra content, different paths, mosnters, dual wielding and rope arrows. Here's the first couple:
Southsnake: Can we expect new content to be released after the release of the game? (new maps, gameplay tuning, patchs...)

Yes, definitely. We will continue to support the game after its release; On top of that the Source engine is a very convenient one for modding. So hopefully we will have new content for the game through this channel, too.

Saliens: Will the scenario be different according to the actions and / or skills we'll choose?

The scenario will remain the same. However at some key moments you will have to choose between several alternatives. The choices you will make then will affect the rest of the story.

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