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King Arthur - Review @ WeDoTech

by Magerette, 2010-06-20 17:58:41

U.K. site WeDoTech has reviewed Neocore's strategy/rpg hybrid King Arthur, and has an overall positive response to the rpg side of the game but mixed emotions about combat:


Overall, I find this game to promise a lot more than it delivers, and in terms of combat, could do with a lot more thought put into making the fights more interesting. However, this is a good start at making something more than a typical RTS. The combination of different types of play – the campaign map, the battlefield, the text-adventures – makes this a nicely varied game. Despite its faults and lackings, I find myself drawn to this game, and truly hope that a sequel is in the line, with plans to bulk up what is a good starting point. If this could be made to do what it initially suggests it can, this would be a truly stunning game.

Source: N4G

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