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The Broken Hourglass - Developer Blog

by Magerette, 2010-06-20 18:21:40

A visit to the official site for Planewalker Games' crpg The Broken Hourglass reveals a link to a blog by designer Jessica Greenlee where among other topics she discusses her work on the game.

Here's her most recent post dated June 16, 2010:

The quest I wrote about the last time I discussed The Broken Hourglass is coming together nicely. The characters are chattering away happily, and my grasp of basic code is improving to the point where adding it is no longer quite such an interruption to the writing.

I did have to stop yesterday to build a couple of stores, something I'm glad to say is much easier with WeiNGINE, than with Weidu (where, quite honestly, I only managed to make things crash when I was modding; Miloch & GeN1e built the working stores in Aurora). So, it slowed me down looking for the proper names of items they might carry, but not so much so that I lost the thread of the narrative, and I felt quite pleased with myself for getting it done.

And now, back to the narrative in question.

This ends your semi-weekly update.


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