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Two Worlds II - Preview @ Two Worlds Vault

by Dhruin, 2010-06-21 21:12:39

Two Worlds Vault writes in with a combination preview and interview of 2W2 from E3.  Here's a sample from the interview part:

TWVault: There are some other points that players felt were simply missteps in design and not actual bugs per se. Some stuff just felt outright weird. Like, for example, there were almost no respawns anywhere in the world, so it felt empty afterward.

Jake: When we sat down and talked about it it appeared that there isn't one answer here. Some people want to clean out the world, some prefer to have something to come back to. In Two Worlds II we thus allowed some spawning. For instance, in the Savannah, one of the large, sweeping regions in the game, you'll have regular fauna like cheetahs, baboons or ostriches, and those beasts that occur there naturally will definitely respawn. However, if you go out and slaughter everyone in the Dark Lord's castle (for example), you wouldn't want them to come back afterwards. We're trying to mix it up a bit, create context-related respawning. Make life reappear only where it actually makes sense.

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