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Eschalon: Book II - Review for both Book I and Book II @ Inside Mac Games

by Aries100, 2010-06-22 16:47:45

Different reviewers for Inside Mac Gamers have given their take on Book I and Book II for Basilisk Games turned-based rpg-series. They are very positive about both games. Here's their take on part 1, scoring it 8.25/10:

Although EB1 is enjoyable it is not without flaws. Some of the skills available in the game are quite powerful while others are of more questionable value and the effect of adding points to attributes and skills is not always clear. This can lead to the creation of both over and underpowered characters. Another drawback is the odd decision to limit an automap option only to those with at least one point in the Cartography skill. Luckily the skill can be acquired early in the game through a quest, but considering the ubiquity of automaps in modern RPGs it is an unusual design choice.

And here's their take on part 2, scoring it 7.5/10:

Still, Eschalon: Book II is more than fun enough the first time through. The fighting takes strategy, the backgrounds, sprites, and particle effects are all good-looking, the sound and music is well done, and the world is plenty big enough to last you for a reasonable length of time. What it really comes down to is whether you enjoy rogue-like RPGs or not. If you do, then this $25 is well-spent.

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