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Age of Pirates: Impressions @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2006-08-16 02:34:00
GameSpot has kicked up some impressions from Akella's Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales Impressions.
You'll play as a ship captain with various role-playing-game-style statistics, skills, and abilities, such as trading, fencing, and navigating, among others. You'll be able to hire a crew of officers (such as steersmen, cannoneers, and others) from various taverns, who can provide bonuses to your skills as long as you keep them on the payroll (running out of money and/or food while on the high seas is a good recipe for a messy mutiny, otherwise). Your own character will gain experience levels, or ranks, which net you more skill points to spend. And over time, you'll also increase your character's fame rating, which lets you access the tougher missions given by the governors of the various Caribbean islands.

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