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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview @ GamingTrend

by Dhruin, 2010-06-22 22:56:20

This E3 preview of Deus Ex: HR at GamingTrend is a few days old but has some reasonable detail:

Our demonstration skips forward to show some more elements of the game.  Using a second suit called a Commando suit (it looks not unlike a nano suit), we dash from cover to cover avoiding cameras and soldiers alike.  Seeing that the front gate is heavily guarded, we used our strength augments to move some nearby crates, allowing us to sneak around the fence.  Using that same augment, we stack a box next to a security shed.  Jumping into the skylight, we step in behind a soldier manning a computer and put our hidden sword through his spine.  Taking control of the computer, we turn off the nearby cameras.  Other options were taking control of turrets and opening otherwise sealed doors, but we’ll have to wait to see those in action, as well as the hacking mechanic – neither were ready for prime time quite yet.  Sneaking out of the back of the building we spear another soldier to a nearby box with a crossbow bolt to the skull.  Closing distance on another soldier, we cut him to ribbons with a rapid takedown.  Jonathan explains that these takedowns are completely contextual and that none of them are pre-determined.  Two nearby guards were carrying on a conversation, unaware of what we’d done to their comrades.  Jumping directly in between them, we dispatch them both simultaneously and silently.  Going a little louder, we use an augment to see through a concrete wall.  A soldier resting against this wall got a surprise as we used our strength augment to punch through the concrete, twisting his head like it was made of bundled paper.

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