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Dungeon Siege 3 - Previews @ GamePro, Gaming Bits

by Dhruin, 2010-06-23 22:50:29

Obsidian is pointing out a pair of short Dungeon Siege 3 previews we haven't posted before.  Here's a sample from GamePro:

The other big talking point is plot -- Obsidian plans to bring its signature story style to the game with branching dialogue options and a deep relationship-building system with companion characters. There’'s no dating sim, but you'll laugh when you see that the icon interface for dialogue sections is actually a tree with glowing branches that point to different conversation choices.

...and from Gaming Bits:

From what was shown of Dungeon Siege III behind closed doors at E3, it is simply looking amazing. The third-person action-RPG looks stunning: from the subtle details of fish swimming in ponds to the distant towns on the horizon, Dungeon Siege III is full of ambient, rich and colorful environments that all load in seamlessly (no loading time seen from outside world to cavernous depths!). The lighting looked particularly spectacular. You have a variety of classes to choose from (Archon, Druid, Guardian and more), all of which offer a different gameplay experience.

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