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Puzzle Quest 2 - Released, Roundup

by Dhruin, 2010-06-24 20:51:12

Puzzle Quest 2 has been released for the DS and the X360 version follows on June 30, according to GameFreaks365.  Here's a small collection of reviews to along with the release.

1Up says the game is improved in almost every way, with a score of B+ :

An updated navigation interface allows you to move your character around in an isometric view, with both characters or enemies prominently displayed on each screen. You can explore the areas you visit, as opposed to only being shown a cut-scene in that given location. Each quest in the first game felt disjointed; there was a clear break between going out on a mission and watching the story unfold. Puzzle Quest 2 eliminates that divide and helps to actively involve you in the world. The new interface also gives the game's minigames an actual purpose.

PC World has a positive article but feels the DS version can't keep up with the others.  A snip on battles:

Interestingly enough, the brutal downsizing in Puzzle Quest 2's battle system actually works in the game's favor. There's another element to offense now, thanks in large part to the new "gauntlet" gems that allow you to physically attack a monster with your equipped weapons. In addition to that, you can still dish out some additional damage by matching skull gems and casting color-coded magic. Instead of having to waste turns trying to gather money while your enemy pecks away at your health, experience and gold is automatically rewarded at the end of each encounter. While that may not sound like a lot on paper, it dramatically changes the pace of the game, so much so that a single poorly planned move can put your warrior on the wrong end of a lengthy gem combo.

...and Kidzworld has a short article with a score of 5/5.

Thanks to Omega for all these links.

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