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The Witcher 2 - Preview @ RPGFan

by Dhruin, 2010-06-30 22:27:19

Omega points out this preview of The Witcher 2 from E3 at RPGFan:

Fans of The Witcher will be happy to know that the story follows directly after the first game and continues straight apace. While we weren't able to see any in-depth plot devices, it was clear that the second game will have the same fantastic 'grey' dialogue that the first game had. For those who are fans of BioWare titles, you may know that the choices in those games seem to be very black and white; it's either give the orphan some food or murder him. Geralt is a "hero" in the vaguest sense of the term, and players are given choice in that fashion - there are no "paragon" or "renegade" choices, there are simply a multitude of choices that have different consequences. That is the major thing that made The Witcher stand out from other games, and The Witcher 2 carries that torch well. No longer using BioWare's Aurora engine (the engine from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic), but their own new in-house engine, CD Projekt RED is able to add and remove characters to conversations on the fly, making dialogue much more realistic and dynamic. No longer are you constrained to just talking to one person in any given dialogue. With this, CD Projekt RED can add events into dialogue, allowing characters to take action that wouldn't be otherwise available in a one-on-one dialogue.

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