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Deathspank - Ron Gilbert Interview @ VideoGamer

by Dhruin, 2010-07-05 20:51:02

Ron Gilbert speaks with VideoGamer in a conversation spotted by Omega that covers Deathspank and roams into other areas.  An early snip:

Q: You've described DeathSpank as being a mix of Diablo and Monkey Island, but I was wondering what your inspiration has been in terms of the story and the setting of the game.

Ron Gilbert: The character DeathSpank was something that I created along with my friend Clayton Kauzlaric, about five years ago, for these comic strips that I put on my website, Grumpy Gamer. We needed this weird, kind of off-the-wall bizarre video game character, which is why we created him, and he was just such an interesting character to us that we really wanted to give him his own game. The story that wraps around DeathSpank, it's a little bit of satire and parody of video games. It's not really in your face with it, it's kind of very subtle. But we really wanted DeathSpank's world to be this bizarre place that doesn't make a lot of sense. Video games just don't make sense a lot of the time, so his world takes on a little bit of that bizarreness. That's the thing behind the way the story is told, what the story is and all that.

Over at the official site they have an introduction to the characters in the game, which we haven't linked before.

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