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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview @ Associated Content

by Dhruin, 2010-07-05 20:53:59

A general preview of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is up at AssociatedContent, recapping the info from E3:

As with the other Deus Ex games dialogue in Deus Ex: Human Revolution will play an important role in the gameplay. Users will have to choose from several dialogue options and talk to certain individuals in order to obtain important information. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution it also pays to listen in on the conversations of other individuals as some of the time this information can be used later in the game. An interesting aspect of Deus Ex: Human Revolution compared to its predecessors is that you hacking will be done in real time. You won't enter a new window when you hack, so in Deus Ex: Human Revolution you will have to concentrate on hacking all the while looking around and keeping an eye out for guards.

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