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Puzzle Quest 2 - Review Mini Roundup

by Dhruin, 2010-07-05 21:00:39

Here's a small collection of Puzzle Quest 2 reviews.

Dealspwn says 8/10:

Unlike the sprawling overworld map of the original, Puzzle Quest 2 adopts a Diablo-style isometric view that brings their slim universe to vivid life. New attractive artwork and a surprisingly solid story significantly beef up the roleplaying side of the package. However, the action all takes place in a selection of dungeons rather than traversing a continent and laying siege to entire cities; so whilst things feel a lot more personal, they also feel a lot less epic than before. Much like Diablo, you’ll accept quests and delve into the dungeons to solve them, usually killing designated enemies and exiting via blue town portals. Whilst these dungeons are intuitive to navigate on the DS, they feel extremely clunky on an Xbox 360 controller (which frankly should’ve had full 1:1 movement rather than clickable hotspots).

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