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Obsidian Entertainment - and Chrono Trigger

by Dhruin, 2010-07-07 22:32:40

With Obsidian working with Square Enix on Dungeon Siege 3, Siliconera asked Feargus Urquhart which other Square franchise he'd like to do.  Various sites (and forum posters) have responded as if Obsidian is actively pursuing this but the idea clearly originates with the journalist:

Since Obsidian and Square Enix have been conversing for some time, I asked Urquhart if there was any franchise other than Dungeon Siege 3 they would like to work on.

Urquhart snickered and sarcastically said, “Chocobo Racing.” He followed up with a more serious response, “If I could come across everything that I played I would have to go with Chrono Trigger. I think Chrono Trigger was one I really enjoyed.”

Thanks, Omega!

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