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Deathspank - Dev Diary, Preview

by Dhruin, 2010-07-07 22:50:35

The Deathspank site has a dev diary titled Spanking Death, with Lead Designer Darren Evinson writing a humorous piece about the production:

Working on DeathSpank has been an unbelievable experience for me.  Literally.  I still have a hard time believing we’re actually finished working on it, because it has been such a huge part of our lives at Hothead for so long.  Well okay, maybe not THAT long… but in dog years it’s a pretty good chunk of time.  My part in DeathSpank’s production was as Lead Designer. What I got to do was pretty incredible, as I worked alongside Ron Gilbert and our incredible development team at Hothead to create a truly unique and entertaining experience.

<Sips glass of brandy and looks contemplatively out the window.>

Meanwhile, there's a short preview at The Examiner:

As a DLC title for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, DeathSpank's projected playtime of 12 to 15 hours might seem modest to some, but it's of little consequence when considering the game offers relatively deep character building, many weapons and upgrades, and Gilbert's penchant for hilarious dialogue trees. In one conversation, the title character was enjoying the nostalgic musings of an aged warrior only to find out that the old man has gotten senile, confusing dragon-slaying with cat-kicking. Clearly the game presents countless opportunities for poking fun at RPG conventions, and while my 20-minute session revealed moments of laugh-out-loud parody, the story showed a lot of originality without relying on constant genre homages.

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