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Divinity II: DKS - Status Update

by Myrthos, 2010-07-08 19:26:38

In a new status update, Lar mentiones that besides a release of Flame of Vengance also the release of the Dragon Knight Saga is eminent. The latter release combines a revamped Ego Draconis and Flame of Vengance game in one

Release Ego Draconis (remastered heavily) together with Flames Of Vengeance on PC & X360 under the name The Dragon Knight Saga.

You can take that "remastered heavily" part seriously as we've literally redesigned almost all dragon parts, especially the flying fortresses, drastically changed loot/enemies and retouched quite some artwork. The net result is a much more streamlined experience that is a lot more fun (we think)

The international PC versions of FOV will be released simultanously with The Dragon Knight Saga whereas the German version of FOV is about to be declared gold, as in, next week I think.

Thanks Alrik and Omega.

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