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Deathspank - Interview @ Gaming Nexus

by Dhruin, 2010-07-12 23:10:08

Gaming Nexus has a roundtable interview on Deathspank with three developers answering the questions:

I know a project can change a lot from its initial concept to final product. Was mixing classic adventure games and action RPGs what you started out trying to do?
Vlad Ceraldi (Executive Producer): Everyone here is an RPG fan. We're also old school adventure fans. When we first formed the company in 2006 we were trying to think of what we wanted to create. What were we most excited about? We looked at pure adventure games and thought that we wanted to do something new and different with adventure games. We didn't know what to change exactly, but we didn't think they would stand alone and create the experience we wanted to create.

We were also looking at RPGs and at some point we said, "Adventure games are really good at bringing across character and story. Could we mix the two and bring some of the puzzles and some of the humor?” We had already been dealing with humorous games in our past history working together. We thought that was going to be a nice mix. RPGs are something we are fans of. Regarding our first title we were working with, Penny Arcade was interested in doing a Japanese style or older school RPG, which was totally something we were excited about and had already been discussing. We started blending those two together, and we made that pitch to them and they were excited. So that's how that started. Our initial goal was to try to re-invigorate adventure games, or what they can be expected to be and how they could add something new and exciting to existing genres and what's already out there.

Also, check out the epic weapons trailer at Gametrailers.  Word from Omega is this shows "the Chicken Cannon, The Gilded Boots of Bling, and Unicorn Poop".

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