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Deathspank - Roundup

by Dhruin, 2010-07-15 22:47:33

Here's a Deathspank roundup, courtesy of Omega.  First, a pair of trailers.

Second, a review roundup.  1Up says 'B', with a "stellar script" improving an otherwise average action/RPG:

That is the kind of humor that peppers DeathSpank (the game): a sort of deadpan absurdity where pretty much anything -- no matter how anachronistic or fourth-wall-breaking -- gets said as naturally as we would discuss the time of day. The unflinching delivery of some of the most surprising and out-of-left-field (yet flowing and not at all awkward) dialogue makes DeathSpank simply one of the funniest games to watch and listen to. The script, filled with references and quips covering topics from fantasy RPG tropes to the secret history of felt to the value of unicorn excrement to even sly references to other games, positively shines with classic designer Ron Gilbert's influence. The jokes hit on so many topics that something is bound to make you chuckle -- multiple times even. Even the diverse color palette, the Animal Crossing-esque "on-a-hill" perspective, and the visual gags, along with the voiced dialogue, all make DeathSpank a charming standout compared to other games of its ilk.

Kotaku is very positive:

DeathSpank is a nerdier gamer's delight. If you can't stand fantasy or jokes about quest logs, go away. If you can't get over how un-nutritious it is to keep playing a game out of loot lust, find something more innovative. If you want to look at lots of gray and brown graphics, ignore this hero and his purple thong. If you want to have fun and laugh and just keep bashing through Orques and stoopid chickens, download and play DeathSpank. And cheer with me that the game ends with an interesting tease for a very different sequel.

GamesRadar goes for 8/10:

And any description of DeathSpank you’ve heard heralding it as Diablo-meets-Monkey-Island is dead on. The gameplay is pure action RPG, a hack ‘n’ slash affair with tons of loot to grab, monsters to kill, and levels to go up. But where the game shines is in its writing. If you’ve played any of the adventure games that Ron Gilbert is famous for, you’ve got a pretty fantastic idea as to the type of humor that you can expect. Lots of witty dialogue, hilarious quest premises, and of course poop jokes abound.

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