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NWN: Darkness over Daggerford Released

by Dhruin, 2006-08-17 12:34:00
Former BioWare Producer Alan Miranda dropped us a line about <a href="http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=modules.Detail&id=5122" target="_blank">Darkness over Daggerford</a> - a former Premium Module now released independently by Ossian Studios after over a years development:<blockquote><em>Ossian StudiosA Presents: <br> <br>a SDarkness over Daggerforda ? <br>(A Former BioWare Premium Module) <br> <br>Developed by Ossian StudiosA Inc. <br> <br>To many, the town of Daggerford is of little consequence. To others, however, it is of immeasurable value. The nearby great cities of Waterdeep and Baldura "!s Gate would do well to look over their shoulders at what is brewing in this once sleepy town. Prepare to delve into the dark mysteries surrounding Daggerford... <br> <br>- A 25-30 hour classic Dungeons & Dragons role-playing adventure with a strong Baldura "!s Gate feel and almost 200,000 words of dialogue! <br> <br>- Produced by former BioWare Producer, Alan Miranda, who was the Producer on Baldura "!s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. <br> <br>- A brand new world map system, never before seen in Neverwinter Nights, enabling the player to better explore a large world, complete with random encounters. <br> <br>- A player stronghold to enable more challenging stronghold quests, and featuring cool player customization features. <br> <br>- Three new TNO tilesets created by DLA and released to Ossian Studios through an exclusive agreement with BioWare, including a completely new exterior tileset with rolling hills, sea cliffs, and castles.</em></blockquote>

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