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Din's Curse - Review @ GameShark

by Dhruin, 2010-07-26 22:52:05

Strategy reviewer Troy Goodfellow has reviewed Din's Curse for GameShark, calling it "one of my favourite games from 2010".  The score is 'B+' and here's a snip:

The monsters fight each other, too, which is a great way of winnowing the hordes except for the fact that monsters can gain experience and status, too. A normal zombie is really no big deal; if he fights his way to champion zombie, though—watch out. Occasionally you will be asked to find a townsperson in the depths of peril, and saving them from death is no easy task.

The dungeons then become sort of a chaotic mash-up of wilderness and gladiatorial free for all where you can get overwhelmed, especially at lower levels. The monsters are rarely in high enough numbers or levels to pose a threat to an experienced hero, especially once you've unlocked some of the bigger feats and talents (fireballs, poison clouds, multiple target melee fighting) but it can be touch and go sometimes if you get stuck in a corner, low on healing potions.

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