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Two Worlds II - Interview @ Gamerzines

by Dhruin, 2010-07-27 11:03:34

TopWare's Jake DiGennaro has been interviewed in the latest issue of Gamerzines (.pdf, direct link).  It's a pretty general conversation, although Jake does list the game length for Two Worlds II at around 40 hours including sidequests; here's a sample:

"We took special care in identifying the things we did well that players enjoyed, as well as the areas we needed to improve that caused the game to suffer, and are excited to bring players back into the totally revamped world of Antaloor."

"Two Worlds II is really the franchise's opportunity for redemption, and one we have not taken lightly."

Thanks, Omega.

In semi-related news, you can now pre-order Two Worlds II at Direct2Drive.

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