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Age of Decadence - Text Adventures

by Dhruin, 2010-07-28 10:56:00

Missed this one but thanks to Resch for posting it on our forums (where I saw it eventually!).

It's good to have Age of Decadence news.  Vault Dweller has a new Let's Play... style thread to show off the text adventure feature in the game.  Head over to this thread to check all the screens and follow the choices.  Here's the setup:

It's been awhile since we've shown you guys anything, so please allow me to thank you for your patience and support, and to entertain you with one of our text-adventure sequences.

Text-adventures are an old, venerable, and sadly all but forgotten element and I have no idea whether or not we did a good job capturing the spirit, so as usual, you're invited to bitch and complain make helpful suggestions. For those who like to quantify things: this particular text adventure is 14,687 words long. 

You start the game in Teron, a small crumbling town controlled by House Daratan. At some point you may (or may not) decide to have a chat with Lord Antidas who, for some reasons, isn't pacing back and forth outside of his palace eagerly awaiting your arrival.

There are several ways to meet him. You can talk to Dellar, Antidas' man in charge of fucking with people and keeping the enemies of the House at bay. He will offer you a traditional "prove yourself first and if you're still alive, which is doubtful, then I'll let you in" way via 2 quests. If that's not how you prefer to roll, there are 3 more quest-related ways to gain entrance (i.e. certain side quests may attract or require Antidas' involvement). If you're still shaking your head and want to do it completely on your own, that's what the text adventure is for.

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