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Gods & Heroes: Stieg Hedlund Interview #2 @ Gamehelper

by Dhruin, 2006-08-17 22:41:00
Part Two of Gamehelper's <a href="http://pcmac.gamehelper.com/articles/643.htm" target="_blank">interview</a> with Perpetual's Stieg Hedlund on Gods & Heroes is up at Gamehelper:<blockquote><em><b>GH: One major focus of the game has been on squad combat and you and your friends bringing your squads together to fight in massive battles. School Me a  how easy is it going to be to control these squads in terms of selecting formations, giving orders etc?</b><br><br>SH: Well, you of course have the basic a  attack this thing, defend that thing, basic stances a  aggressive, passive. This will depend on the players style of play a  if you just want to wade into battle and attack all the time, you can a  thata "!s the basic level. Then therea "!s the next level which is ordering them to attack specific targets, hold these positions a  things like that which are basic but still very functional. These are the basic functions people will expect in commanding their minions.<br><br>Beyond that we have unit a Ufeatsa "! a  which are the same as player feats a  but done as a unit and they expand in their effect based on how many minions there are in the unit youa "!re ordering to do that [particular feat]. One of our very cool movements is Testudo a  the Roman tortoise formation in which the infantry put up their shields to defend the area behind them. [youa "!ve all seen Gladiator right? ] So if you had a squad that comprises infantry as well as a Usquishier targetsa "! like ranged guys or casters you can have your guys form up to defend the casters in the back ranks.</em></blockquote>

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