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Avadon - Blog #2

by Dhruin, 2010-08-06 22:53:35

Jeff Vogel has penned a blog entry on the development of Avadon, focusing on the theme and tone of the game.  The next entry will look at the game mechanics and systems.  Here's a sample:

But there are also hints that your power is too great. Your word is law, and that isn't necessarily a good thing. Well, it's great for you, but not so hot for everyone else.

Maybe you want to play a thug or a bully. Or maybe you want to resist the temptation to misuse your power, which is satisfying in a different way. And the story of Avadon is about all of the same sorts of choices. Avadon can do what it wants. Will you guide it to do the right thing? And, for that matter, should a group with so much power exist?

That is the theme. Power. The option to misuse it. What will you do?

I've also often seen developers comment on making branching or optional content that players might not see...here's one of Jeff's answers to a reader question:

@Jacob: "Do you ever get discouraged when writing multiple story lines, knowing that many players will only see a subset of the content?"

Actually, I get a huge kick out of it. If the player's choices make that much of a difference in what they experience, it means I'm Doing It Right.

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