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Din's Curse - Patch 1.04 Released and New UI Screenshots Released

by Aries100, 2010-08-10 16:53:37

The 1.04 patch for Soldak's game, Din's Curse is now officially released. To celebrate this, they released screenshots that show the updated and improved UI of the game. The changelog:

• fixed a texture animation issue when have 2 textures
• added some more info when ChangeDisplaySettings fails
• logfile now defaults to on
• fixed some of the war against town text (fab)
• fixed highlighting minimap dots in perspective view mode (Roswitha)
• fixed scroll bars on world map (Caal)
• drop down for languages no longer will pick up English twice if zipped and loose files
• fixed changing a graphics option that resets the graphics, forgets the current gamma setting
• no longer turn towards clicked on enemies when dead (Roswitha)
• added alpha to teleport stone icon (Godot)
• moved view variables into user vars
• now monsters with quests are not solid so they don't trap you places (kaeldragor)
• a little bit more UI improvement
• improved a few effects

Source: GameBanshee

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