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Puzzle Quest 2 - Review @ 1UP

by Myrthos, 2010-08-10 19:32:48

1UP reviewed the PC version of Puzzle Quest 2 and came to the conclusion that it is an OK game, with some issues.

However, left to my own devices I found PQ2 a little too easy. Admittedly, the A.I. in the first game was a bit unbalanced -- your opponent would get massive, too-frequent chains and combos, leading to death in just a couple turns. PQ2 improves this aspect, but in exchange for balanced A.I., the game makes you feel a little overpowered. For instance, my barbarian, Dashiell, was able to dispose of most enemies in just a few hits with his Bastard Sword -- a weapon you acquire at the beginning of your adventure. Luckily, by the later stages of the game, the difficulty equalizes and players are finally greeted with more challenging foes.

Thanks Omega.

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