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Puzzle Quest 2 - Review @ Gaming Angels

by Myrthos, 2010-08-11 19:42:43

A short review of Puzzle Quest 2 for the PC and Xbox 360 is to be found at Gaming Angels.

The first Puzzle Quest had flaws that I could go on for hours about, how it felt less like a roleplaying game and more like, well, just a puzzler. You never got to actually see enough of your character other than staged art and you weren’t guided through the process in a way that made it fluid to the seasoned RPG gamer. If you went into it thinking it was a mixture of both, Puzzle Quest 1 certainly didn’t help you continue that train of thought. It was just too chaotically thrown together and I worried that notes weren’t listened to or taken into consideration this time around. I was wrong though and happily, I got to create my character and take my Barbarian through a town, kill me some rats and go seeking through an ice cave for a huge Troll. New to Puzzle Quest 2 are the actual close-up shots of your character moving through the maps of town and the world. You’re no longer left to imagine what your character looks like or even the people he’s speaking to. It’s no longer just wipe-screens where inanimate characters are drawn into a background resembling where you just went to. It’s actually… gasp, like an RPG.

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